March 2017


I have for sometime quietly observed the blogging trend and noticed that so many people start blogging but don’t really know how to turn on the blogging money tap. In truth, blogging is big business in today’s world and my estimate is that by the end of this year, the number of internet blogs should at least triple. As a matter of fact, as far back as 2007, The China Internet Network Information Center reported the number of blogs spaces has reached 72.82 million just in China alone and now we are in 2014.

As of today, it is estimated that at least 3 new blogs are created every half a second and more than 200,000 blogs are created per day! For the smart investor, and for people who have insight in business opportunity, this can mean only one thing – there is so much money to be made. I don’t consider myself as an active blogger, simply because I have a lot of other stuff that compete for my time and attention but the truth remains that since 2006, each of my blogging projects has produced not less than $5000 per year and all it costs me to put them up is $9. So, read articles and re-read it again, then go all out to take some blogging action because blogs are there to make you rich!

After over 8 months, I have learned deeply about blogs and blogging and I have bought and read almost every new $97 blog e-books. I will give to you 5 super simple ways to make money from blogging:

1. Start A Blog Theme Directory

This looks obvious but I am 100% certain that 99% bloggers all over the world have never considered doing this, yet there is a lot of money to be made from it. If you have ever owned a blog, you must have always found yourself trying to make it unique. In your bid to do this, you search around for blog themes, especially in the case of the all famous WordPress themes. Imagine the estimated 200 million blogs on the internet and you won’t need a university degree to figure out the fact that these guys (owners of these blogs) are searching for unique themes.

Fortunately, WordPress themes are not so hard to create. You can create them from scratch if you have a bit of graphics and computer programming knowledge or you can simply buy rights to the themes and then sell them at the current rate or do little modifications to make them unique and then sell. I have seen places online where one single WordPress theme sells for as much as $200. Common! Think about over 200 million and growing potential customers ready to buy from you.

2. Start a WordPress Theme Customization Service

This will require you to have a few basic skills, like customization of existing themes, graphics and plugin installation, and then the theme installation itself. Again, this is not so difficult to learn. As a matter of fact, you can learn theme customization under 24 hours if you put your heart to it and then be in business. Just start using your skills in customer acquisition which you’ve learnt over the years to get customers and charge them a fee for your service.

3. Build & Flip WordPress Blogs

I cannot cover all the essential details for doing this in here, but I will just describe the basics as quickly as I can. The first thing to do is come up with a blog about an area (niche) which you know is hot. Once you have a good niche, purchase a domain name and webhosting account for it through a very good company that provides these services.

Once you have access to the control panel, login, and upload your blog. Once that is done, find a good WordPress theme and install it on your blog. After that, put 10 to 30 unique articles on the blog. You should be able to sell the blog for between $200 to $1000, depending on how well it is done, the quality of articles, how much traffic you can draw to it et cetera.

Truthfully, as far as I am concerned, that is some nice fast cash because you can even sell your blog less than 48 hours for as high as $200. Now do the Mathematics… you invested $15 to set up an effective blog and sold it out for $200, and you know for sure that you can create 5 of such in a week. That means you can easily rake up to $1000 selling blogs regularly.

NOTE: when starting out, it is not uncommon to make a few mistake and to sell lower but once you start getting a feel of how this is done, you will be surprised that you can easily make $2000 worth of deals quite easily. Also, don’t forget that not all your project will sell but the ones that sell will compensate handsomely for the ones that did not sell.

4. Advert & Affiliate Earnings

Build a blog, work on it, make it popular and sell advert space on it. The great thing is that there are a lot of advert management plugins that do a nice job of inserting your advert on the blog and shutting it off automatically at the end of the advert period. So, once you have a popular or fairly popular blog, start placing adverts spaces for people visiting it to see. If you get to the point of having a very popular blog site, I don’t see any reason why the banks and other big companies will not want to place their adverts on your blog site and pay you for advert placement.

Another way to earn is the use of AdSense and Affiliate programs. There are a lot of programs that pay. There are health products, beauty products, webhosting services like HostGator, autoresponders like Getresponse, Website builders like website wizard et cetera that you can easily make money from their affiliate programs by using your blog as the platform for marketing or promoting them through your affiliate links.

5. Blog Banner Design Services

If you have been online for a length of time, you will notice that on most blogs, there are usually 2 columns and somewhere on the side you will see 125 X 125 advert boxes advertising one thing or the other. This is the type of stuff that many such blogs or websites creates.

So, if you can create beautiful animated “gif” images, there is a big business waiting for you. Even if you cannot do that at the moment, just get a copy of Fireworks, install it and go online to find tutorials on creating animated gif images with fireworks.

You can see that blogging is really big business just that it has a lot of work in it. As the saying goes “No pain, No gain”. So you must put in some efforts, time and funds in other for you to make reasonable income through blogging.

My name is Michael Clement Okogho. I am an internet entrepreneur and consultant. The main purpose of being here is to share vital and profitable information with fellow network marketers (both new and old in the business or about to start).

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